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Sussex County Habitat for Humanity

Georgetown, DE


This unique project was completed – with the help of Habitat volunteers – in December of 2009. The 3,500 square-foot one-story building, which was designed by George, Miles and Buhr, houses the main offices for the organization. With seven offices, a conference room, and flex space for cubicles, the building also offers another 1,000 square feet of space that Habitat is currently renting to another non-profit.

Working with the group to discover ways to lower costs, Gillis Gilkerson supervised and coordinated volunteers who helped to frame the structure, install vinyl siding and work on other projects to reduce the costs to Habitat.

Giving back to the community is one of the company’s core principles, and this project showcased that dedication.

“One of the great things about working with Gillis Gilkerson was they understood Habitat and who we were,” said Sussex County Habitat Executive Director Kevin Gilmore. “While we build houses, it’s a different language when you talk about a commercial building. They were really able to bridge the conversation with us as the client, and the architect and the funder. They helped everything move forward. And they allowed us to bring in volunteers to help control our costs. A lot of companies that bid on the project were not open to that. But right out of the gate they said “We understand what you do and we’re willing to work with you.”

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What Our Clients Say

“Only in knowing of the years of frustration and disappointment in our futile attempts at relocation, expansion and renovation can one understand my elation in seeing a long sought out dream brought to fruition by the professional and caring team at Gillis Gilkerson.”

“Gillis Gilkerson not only wanted our project but also performed it to our exact specifications within our extremely tight time frame – 20 working days!  If asked again, I would build with Gillis Gilkerson – in a heartbeat!”

~ Robert F. Morris,
Delmarva Gymnastics Academy Inc.,
Salisbury, MD

“(Gillis Gilkerson) made the entire construction process amazingly simple for us. They handled all the phases of the process … (and) there was always a construction foreman on site providing supervision. The best part of all was the final result – a well-designed, quality built office building.”

~ William R. McCain,
MBC – W.R. McCain & Associates, Inc.

“The original roof was only seven years old so finding out that we needed a whole new roof – the hard way – was disappointing. The team from Gillis Gilkerson addressed every single concern we had from the very beginning. They even called me on July 4th when we had bad storms in the area and asked if they could get inside the church to make sure everything was safe and secure. Now that’s commitment.”

~ Bruce Glisson,
Executive Pastor,
Allen Memorial Baptist Church

“Gillis Gilkerson has an exceptionally positive culture with everyone at all levels working toward a common end, each with his or her eye on the best possible outcome for the customer.”

~ Peter Jackson,
Eden, Maryland

“Your generosity of time, energy, employees and community service has enabled our patient to have safe, reliable access in and out of her home to continue dialysis three times a week. The ramp also provides an exit for the patient in the event of an emergency.”

~ Thelma Price,
Social Worker,
Deer’s Head Center Kidney Dialysis Unit

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